Dongwoo Kim

Department of Electrical Engineering
Hanyang University, ERICA
Ansan, Korea

Mathematical modeling is a sort of art. In modeling a matter of the real world, we can choose what we want to express or investigate, and we also can highlight some fields in focus in different colors like in Monet. Mathematics in our model is used for describing a world. How to solve it is not our job but it is largely worked off to modern intelligent computers. We joyfully use the computers that find interesting and valuable solutions for the model with our description in a sufficiently fast way. Sometimes we like to tackle a large-scale or big-data problem that is hardly handled by a single computer, especially for distributed input data. The collection of the data is not possible mainly due to the communication cost and time constraints. In this case, we also divide the model into smaller pieces, solve each of them independently also with good computers, and let the computers exchange the respective solutions and finally obtain a global solution. In modern computer and communication networks, the data is hardly shared by all the participants due to physical, institutional or economical barriers and hence a design of the distributed operation of solving a large-scale problem is a core in future big-data worlds, which is again a sort of art waiting for your painting skills. How do you fill the canvas with your own colors? However, you should be aware of the gallery and commentators who are watching your approach shot.

Recently, in monitoring and regulating real-time GHG emissions, we like to find what should be the proper (designated) interactions between real-time measurement and proactive strategies.

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